Top 10 Cardio Exercises

Exercise is good for our health aside from a good balanced diet. Cardio exercises are just one of the most important forms of exercise that we should do because, it is an exercise for a healthy heart, lose weight, build muscle, and good for our overall health. Take time to view our top 10 list of cardio exercise and you surely can find one that will work for you. make lash

Running: running offers many health benefits. This will be a good cardio exercise option due to the following reasons: make lash

  • It does not need special equipment except for a high quality shoes.
  • It can be done anytime and anywhere.
  • It has can help you build strong bones.
  • It can increase your heart rate quickly.
  • It allows you to burn calories.

Cross-country Skiing: including both the lower and upper part of the body, cross-country skiing is the perfect cardio exercise to burn maximum calories. You can do cross-country skiing either on a gym machine or on the snow. make lash

Bicycling: biking either indoors or outdoors, cycling is a great cardio exercise. Cycling can increase your endurance as well as burn calories of about 250-500 in just 30 minutes of hitting those pedals. makelash

Elliptical Trainer: ranks second to treadmill, elliptical trainer is also a popular cardio machine you can find at a gym near you. This cardio machine allows you or your body to move in a more natural way. You can add intensity by adjusting the ramps and arm handles as well as increasing resistance. make lash

Swimming: similar to the cross-country cardio exercise, swimming is also a whole body exercise. One must note that the more body parts involved in your exercise, the higher the calorie you can burn.

Step Aerobics: this cardio exercise is ideal for those who love a choreographed workout. Adding risers will also increase the energy needed. This will be a perfect exercise for your legs, butt, and hips other than burning 300-400 calories for 30 minutes of step aerobics.

Rowing: generally, the rowing machine is the most overlooked machine in a gym. Maybe because many are not aware how it works and think it does not deliver great workout. However, rowing is like other cardio workouts that require both the upper and lower body part. Therefore, a higher heart rate and calorie burned will be achiever.

Kickboxing: if you want to work hard but in a choreographed workout, kickboxing is best for you. The combination of kicks and punches involved both your upper and lower body whilst enhancing your coordination skill.

Walking: like running, walking is very attainable anytime, anywhere and does not requires many equipments as well. You increase your walking intensity with hills, speed walking, or using some walking poles.

Jumping Rope: jumping rope is a calorie burner cardio exercise. What made it a great cardio exercise is the extremely portable tool needed. You can easily pack your rope inside your bag or luggage or have them with you everywhere you may go. Therefore, jumping rope can be done anytime too and easily.